Types in MathNet.Spatial.Euclidean

Type Circle2D

Namespace MathNet.Spatial.Euclidean

Parent ValueType

Interfaces IEquatable<Circle2D>, IXmlSerializable

Describes a standard 2 dimensional circle


Static Functions



Public Constructors

Circle2D(Point2D center, double radius)

Initializes a new instance of the Circle2D struct. Creates a Circle of a given radius from a center point
Point2D center

The location of the center

double radius

The radius of the circle

Public Static Functions

Circle2D FromPoints(Point2D pointA, Point2D pointB, Point2D pointC)

Creates a Circle2D circle from three points which lie along its circumference. Points may not be collinear
Point2D pointA

The first point on the circle.

Point2D pointB

The second point on the circle.

Point2D pointC

The third point on the circle.


A Circle which is defined by the three specified points

Public Methods

bool Equals(Circle2D c, double tolerance)

Returns a value to indicate if a pair of circles are equal
Circle2D c

The circle to compare against.

double tolerance

A tolerance (epsilon) to adjust for floating point error


true if the points are equal; otherwise false

bool Equals(Circle2D c)

bool Equals(object obj)

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string ToString()

Public Properties

double Area get;

Gets the area of the circle

Point2D Center get; set;

Gets the center point of the circle

double Circumference get;

Gets the circumference of the circle

double Diameter get;

Gets the diameter of the circle

double Radius get; set;

Gets the radius of the circle